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In this Guide, I'll Show You:

  • The 9 critical factors that need to be developed to become a great Ice Hockey player
  • How to warm up and cool down
  • How to develop explosive leg power and endurance
  • Key Off-Ice Puck handling drills
  • Game-winning shooting techniques
  • How to build strength
  • Believing the unbelievable: two inspiring stories of Aussies that have made the NHL
  • And more...

Hi, I'm Chris Miller

...founder of the PrimalThenics Fitness Academy.

Over the last 25 years, I have devoted my time and energy to becoming the best coach I can be.

Over my coaching career, I have worked with various sporting teams in the NRL and ARU, and professional and Olympic athletes from a range of sports including; Swimming, Cross Fit, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Netball, Basketball, Weightlifting, Athletics, and Boxing.

With innovative training methods and holistic training programs, my goal has always been to develop injury-proof and physically dominant athletes.

The PrimalThenics Fitness Academy can be the difference you need to truly excel at your chosen sport.

Chris Miller,

Founder, PrimalThenics

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